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It’s now three whole weeks since the All For One tour came to a close. Unbelievable!! Time flies!!

And it won’t be long til summer comes around and FRONTM3N hit the road once more for a series of fabulous open air dates. We will keep you posted of all details. Meanwhile we’d just like to reflect upon the amazing journey of our 40 dates between November ‘18 and February ‘19. We were genuinely touched by the fantastic reception we received from fans at each and every gig. We were allowed to have so much (too much???) fun, both on and off stage, and we are extremely grateful for that.We are incredibly lucky to have the most wonderful touring posse: Dani and Marcel are the ‘advance party’, handling all things technical and going the extra mile whenever needed. And of course, the unstoppable King-of-Merch-and-U-turns, Mr. Stefan Mühl, who somehow, and with some help from Mini-Mühl, makes it all happen.Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket, enjoyed a show, said hello, bought an album (or anything else). We had a real blast and can’t wait to see you all again.

Tickets for many of next year’s ‘Up Close’ shows are already on sale now. Check the website for all dates.


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